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Small Batch Craft Beer Recipe Kits, Not A Pint Of The Usual.

Our Range Of Beer Kits

Not just a standard beer kit, we use the freshest ingredients and constantly work on our recipes. Designed to brew 8 litre small batch beers on the stove.

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Starter Kits Including A Beer To Make

Get everything you need to brew your beer and the beer recipe kit in one package, delivered straight to your door.

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Equipment To Get You Started

You don't need a lot of equipment to brew our beer recipe kits, everything you need can be found here

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Additional Ingredients

There are a couple of options to customise your beer. Cocoa nibs in your stout? Oak cubes in your Saison for that barrel aged character. Take a look at our suggestions.

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Get Stuck In Brewing Your Beer

Brewing is a process that turns barley, hops and yeast into beer. We create beer kits that rely on these ingredients and you the brewer to turn them into beer. It's not a case of diluting syrups, we rely on fresh ingredients and a little bit of input from the brewer. After around 2 weeks of fermentation your beer kit will create 16 pints of beer.

This Is How Our Beer Kits Work

Our standard kits make you 16 pints or a case of 24 x 330ml bottles.

Recipes are designed so you experience something new with each beer kit you buy, whether that is a new variety of hop or a beer that fits in with the season. No harder than cooking a meal you can have a beer in the fridge that is unlike anything you can buy at the supermarket and cheaper too. 

Easy To Brew Small Batch Beer Recipe Kits

Brewing small batches mean you don't need lots of expensive equipment, it doesn't take up a lot of storage space. It takes around 3 - 4 hours to brew a beer but most of that time can be spent chilling out and drinking a few bottles of your previous batch.

Take a look at the video across to the right and you'll see the brewday for yourself, what you need and just how easy it is to brew one of our beer kits.