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Traditional Mead Recipe – Medium Bodied Show Mead

Making a basic mead is a great way to start home brewing and this basic mead recipe is so simple anyone can easily do it themselves. It doesn’t require a lot of equipment to make mead and even fewer ingredients. What this mead recipe does need, however, is a bit of patience and selecting the […]

Raisin Wine Recipe – A Wine You Can Make Year Round

Dried fruits are great for making wine, especially when the winter comes around and fresh fruit isn’t in season. This Raisin wine recipe makes a wine that is nice and warming, similar to sherry and a great wine to make from a store cupboard ingredient. Raisins are great for making wine. You will have probably […]

Imperial Stout Recipe – Big, Bold & Delicious

There are some beer styles that really stick out from the norm. Imperial Stouts are one of those beer styles that elevates beer as a drink to something higher. There is plenty of history that surrounds Russian Imperial Stouts, enough to fill a book, but all I know is that brewing one yourself is a […]

Cherry Wine Recipe – A Full Flavoured Red

Cherries make a wonderful fruit wine with a great depth of flavour. Out of all the fruit wines I make I think cherry wine has the best colour and it always comes out better than you expect, there are other health benefits too. If you can source some cherries for yourself the this cherry wine […]

Why You Need An Auto Siphon

Siphoning is one skill that is essential to the home brewer. There aren’t many reasons in a day to day life which would require you to siphon anything so must home brewers will not have ever had a chance to practice it. The problem is, home brewing involves moving lots of liquids around whether it […]

Tips for Buying Home Brew Supplies

When it comes to buying home brewing supplies, there are a few things you need to think about. Things like ingredients you need to think about quality, cost and freshness. Equipment purchases mean thinking about how useful is it, practicality and price. In this article I want to give you some tips on buying equipment […]

Open Fermentation Without the Contamination

I’ve read a lot of people making a big deal about open fermentation, especially home brewers thinking anything other than a carboy fitted with a bung and an airlock will lead to infected beer and spoiled brews. Open fermentation makes many people think of the sour beers brewed in Belgium or in quaint 19th century […]