Fruit Wine recipes form the majority of the wine making that I do but also we have looked at wine making kits from grape juice and making wines from fruit juices like grape juice. This list serves as a place to keep all the wine recipes we have made and shared here on Home Brew Answers as well as covering the basics of wine making and putting together wine recipe kits.

Making wine at home is really simple, I would say it is a lot simpler than brewing your own beer but the results are no less pleasing. Even though it may be simple it doesn’t mean to say the wines you can produce aren’t complex, unique and completely delicious, the wine recipes I have posted here all produce unique and tasty wines that I have made myself.

Most recipes here are formulated to make 1 gallon / 4.5 litres of wine unless stated otherwise in the recipe. This size of batch will produce 6 bottles of wine and uses really basic equipment that doesn’t take up a lot of space. Check out the country wine making guide to get a rundown of the wine making process and a list of the basic wine making equipment you’ll need to make any of the wine recipes here.

Wine Making Guides

To start with I thoroughly recommend you check out the country wine making guide which includes a recipe for a superb Raspberry Wine, honestly, it makes one of the best fruit wines you’ll find anywhere.

Wine Making Kits

Fruit / Flower Wine Recipes