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Knowing where to start is half the trouble. Home Brewing is no different, so that's why I have collated all the most useful information right on this page. There is a lot of information here on Home Brew Answers (currently around 200,000ish words) and sorting through it all can be a pain so scroll down and find something to start reading.

No matter what kind of home brewing you're interested in there should, hopefully, be something below that is either interesting or helpful. 

There is more information about brewing beer than anything else, starting from brewing beer kits right through to all grain brewing and the intricacies involved in all the processes of turning grain and hop to beer. There is reference material on ingredients and techniques. Along with beer, there are guides on making fruit wines and wine from grape concentrate in the form of wine kits. If that is not your thing then check out the section on craft soda and liqueurs. 

Home brewing in all its forms is my passion so I hope that comes through in these guides. If they help you out at all then let me know, get in touch or share them with your friends.

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So You've Just Got A Beer Kit!

Beer Kits are where most people enter the world of brewing. Luckily we have got plenty of information and guides on getting the best out of your beer kit right here on Home Brew Answers.

Get Everything You Need To Start Brewing

Chose one of our unique beer kits you won't find anywhere else online, pick up the equipment you need and start brewing small batches from the comfort of your kitchen. This is the simplest way to get started brewing.

Malt Extract Brewing

Brewing with malt extract is hugely underrated. There are loads of benefits to brewing with malt extract and it's a great way to grow your knowledge and understanding of home brewing beer. Even though I usually brew all grain, I still make malt extract batches to this day and it's hard to differentiate the finished beers.

All Grain Brewing

All Grain Brewing

In the homebrew world, all roads lead to your first all grain batch. Brewing a beer just as a commercial brewery does really isn't that hard once you get to grips with the process, techniques and ingredients. If you want to dial in your all grain brewing then look no further than the following guides. 


There are so many varieties of hop, each one adding something different to a beer. Used to bitter a beer but also to add aroma and flavour depending on how they are used, you'll need a guide on what different hops add to a beer and the way they can change the flavour.

Hops Guide
Yeast Guide

Yeast Guide

The brewer's job is to create the ideal conditions and environment for yeast to flourish. It is the job of yeast to consume sugar and create alcohol. Along with this, they add wonderful and unique flavours to beer and wine. There are hundreds of strains on the market which are explained below as well as the best way to prepare and look after your yeast.

Wine Making

Whilst beer is probably the more popular and commonly brewed amongst home brewers, it is definitely worth having a go at wine making. Country wines use readily available fruit and vegetables that grow in hedgerows, gardens or can be bought at the shops. As well as wine kits that produce wine that can easily equal shop bought wines.

Wine Making
Liqueurs and Soda

Other Drinks Guide

Lastly there is a world of other drinks that don't require fermentation. They are equally fun to make and just as delicious and I often make batches of these sorts of drinks up to enjoy myself or to gift to friends and family who may not like beer or wine.