Hop Variety




Alpha Acid %

7 – 10%

Beta Acid %

3 – 4%


Total Oil: 1.4 – 2ml / 100g
Co-Humulone: 26%
Myrcene: 33%
Humulene: 20%
Farnesene: 5%
Selinenes: 5%


Boadicea is a hop bred and introduced by Horticulture Research International (HRI) at Wye College. It’s breeding is the result of open crossing and is aphid resistant.

As it is resistant to aphids that would otherwise harm the crop, as well as being fairly resistant to wilt and mildew it means less pesticides and other chemicals are required in ensuring the yield is good.

Brewing Attributes

Boadicea hops are dual purpose in usage but are generally perceived to be good finishing hop and dry hop. The aroma is floral with a slight peppery and spicy note. It shares a similar aroma to many English hops being light and having grassy notes. Boadicea has a orchard blossom like quality.

As a bittering hop it having above average alpha acids in comparison to many English hops it is more economical. The bitterness is smooth and rounded with a light body.

Beer Styles

The use of Boadicea will be ideal in most English style beers, you may find the aroma muted unless it is used as a finishing or dry hop. That being said, Boadicea has made it’s way into stouts and milds as well as a Golden ales and Pale ales.

Meantime Brewing released a Single Hopped Boadicea Golden Ale which may be worth looking out for.

Possible Substitutions

As a bittering hop you are best finding hops of similar alpha acids such as the UK’s Target. As an aroma hop you would be looking at similar floral hops that share the light blossom like character, something like Perle or Horizon.