Green Bullet

Hop Variety

Green Bullet


New Zealand

Alpha Acid %

11 – 15%

Beta Acid %

6 – 7%


Green Bullet is a New Zealand variety of hops that was released in 1972 as part of a research program. Green Bullet came about in a time where higher alpha acid hop strains were being recognised for this trait hence the very high acid content.

High yields and the absence of disease makes Green Bullet a great variety for the grower and many are certified organic, unusual for Hops in other parts of the world. Storage of Green Bullet is another benefit making a great all round variety.

Brewing Attributes

Green Bullet are a workhorse variety that are both high in alpha acids and unique in aroma. As you can see from the high acid content of the hop it is an economical bittering hop and useful for early additions into the copper, it has a crisp bittering quality.

The aroma properties of Green Bullet are comparable to Styrian Goldings in respect of a floral spiciness. Other aroma notes I’ve heard are dark fruit qualities that can make for interesting darker beers but also lemon notes (which maybe contradicts dark fruit?) which make this hop a hard one to pin down.

Possible Substitutions

Styrian Goldings are likened to this variety often in terms of aroma but Green Bullet has a fuller flavour than the former.

Commercial Examples

Adnams brew a single hop beer at 4.6% which is worth looking out for. Robinsons Brewery also make a Green Bullet Pale Ale.

In the US Green Flash Brewing make a single hops Green Bullet DIPA that is rated very highly.