So you have decided you want to make yourself some beer. Getting into a pursuit like brewing, or any for that matter can be daunting to begin with but fortunately there are some easy and affordable ways to get started, one of those is purchasing a beer kit.

Brewing a beer kit is most brewers first step into making beer, some will take to the process and, depending on their enjoyment of the finished product, continue to pursue their new hobby others will never move on from their first batch. This doesn’t have to be so though, with a little know how you can make sure every beer you brew is a winner.

The purpose of this guide is to help you ensure you are getting the best out of whatever beer kit you decide to buy and hopefully take the hobby of home brewing on full time.

This guide along with others is available on kindle, if you’d prefer to read this in a book format along with more advanced guides for malt etract and all grain brewing check out the Home Brew Answers book here.