Putting Your Beer Kit Together

All home brew kits will come with its own set of instructions. As every beer kit will be slightly different I am not going to explain in great detail the process, as long as you follow the instructions supplied  you’ll be fine.

A common phrase you may see on home brewing forums online and other home brewing resources is “The first step in brewing a beer kit is to throw away the instruction sheet”. Don’t take this advice, it is clear that the biggest manufactures of good quality beer kits want you to brew a beer and then like it enough to go a buy another kit when you have drunk it all. If the instructions provided weren’t up to scratch and produced bad beer it would be much simpler for the manufacture just to amend the instructions on the kit rather than lose potential customers in the future. Beer kits clearly range in value and some will produce better beers than others (generally the more you pay, the better the final product) but don’t be fooled into thinking the instructions with the kits are somehow impeding the quality that is possible from the ingredients provided.

Having said that, many of the processes underlying the brewing method itself are often not mentioned in the manufacturers instructions. Here I explain what is occurring in your beer during the brewing process and hope it gives you a good grounding to progress further in your home brewing hobby.