Scotch Ale

The Scottish equivalent of the Pale ale or bitter is the Scotch ale. The Scotch Ale is a strong version of a pale ale but the style also includes beers that range up from low gravities to higher gravities, the strongest of which is known as a wee heavy. This range of beers were referred to by how many shillings they cost per hogshead (54 imperial gallons)

All of the Scotch Ales whatever their denomination whether it be a light 60/-, Stronger 80/- or a Wee Heavy share certain characteristics. These being that they all have low hopping rates because hops historically they would have to be transported all the way from Southern England, the beers would be fermented at moderately low temperatures giving them all a cleaner less ester filled palate and they are all malt pronounced beers with more caramel notes than hoppy or bitter qualities

Scotch Strong Ale / Wee Heavy

Ranging from 6.5% ABV upto 10% ABV are usually full of complex malty flavours and are rich drinks that have a fair amount of sweetness. The mouthfeel and body is full and viscous with the higher gravity beers tending to be more so. The hop bitterness is just enough so the beer is cloying but otherwise low and the aroma hops are usually low too.

IBUs: 17 – 35
SRM: 14 – 25
OG: 1.070 – 1.130
FG: 1.018 – 1.056
ABV: 6.5 – 10%