Hop Variety




Alpha Acid %

12 – 14%

Beta Acid %

4 – 5%


Unlike most other hops the origins or parents of Simcoe hops are unknown as it is a proprietary hop developed by Yakima Chief Ranches. We do know however it is still relatively young in terms of hop varieties only being released in 2000.

Because of this relatively short history it has found its way into any and all types of beer made by US craft breweries but still relatively unused by many breweries outside of the US. That being said a few styles of beer use the hop to its full potential, among which American Double IPA’s and American Pale Ales often utilise it as a dry hop for it aroma qualities

Brewing Attributes

The aroma qualities of Simcoe hops are often described as piney, resinous and passion fruit. When you use moderate amounts at the end of the boil I find the dominant aroma to be pine and earthy characteristics.

The high alpha acid percentage of Simcoe make their use as a bittering hop fairly economical and their stability in storage means their attributes don’t decline too rapidly.

Possible Substitutions

Simcoe is fairly unique and only being released in 2000 means it has a fairly short heritage. One of the closest substitutes, and one I gave fallen on myself is Summit. Summit has similar aromatic traits but a slightly higher alpha acid content.

Magnum is a good substitute for early addition bittering contributions.