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All About Crafting The Perfect Home Brew From Beer Kit To All Grain

Home Brew Answers is all about making great home brew. Primarily focused on beer making there are loads of guides and hundreds of articles to both get you started if you are new to home brewing or to develop your home brewing skills further if you already know the basics. 

I would recommend starting on the home brew guides section of the site, this page has hours of reading material about both beginning and more advanced beer making, country wine making and wine kits as well as resources on brewing ingredients, yeast, hops and making liqueurs and sodas. If that isn't enough information for you then you can check out the blog which is updated frequently with brewing articles.

If you are looking at what to brew next then check out the home brew recipes I have brewed and detailed on the site. This beer recipe section also has guides on modifying beer recipes and developing your own recipes.

Finally, check out the shop where I turn the recipes developed over the years I have been brewing into beer kits. Designed to be brewed with only basic equipment in the kitchen but still working with fresh ingredients and interesting styles of beer. These are a bit different to the run of the mill beer kits.