Hop Variety




Alpha Acid %

3 – 6%

Beta Acid %



Fuggle was introduced to the brewing world around 1875 by a man named Richard Fuggle after he selected the variety as a seedling found growing in a garden in Horsmonden in Kent in around 1861. Since that time it has become one of the foundations of British ale brewing due to it’s delicate aroma and pleasant qualities.

In recent times Fuggles has become overlooked in terms of it’s economy and hops that have a superior yield and disease tolerance. It has however become the go to variety for parenting other hop varieties such as Willamette.

A clone of Fuggle is also grown in Slovenia under the name of Styrian Golding.

Brewing Attributes

Fuggle is primarily an aroma hop but has been used extensively as a bittering hop although it is now more economical to use other higher alpha varieties. The bittering qualities are pleasant and herbal but as an aroma hop fuggles is a cornerstone in the brewing industry.

Words often associated with English hops like earthy and herbal apply to Fuggle but there is a wood note as well. Some home brewers report

Possible Substitutions

Willamette is a close relative of Fuggle grown in the USA and is very similar in character. As mentioned above a Styrian Golding variety is cloned from Fuggle although the qualities are subtly different.