Hop Variety




Alpha Acid %

7 – 9%

Beta Acid %

4 – 6%


Jester Hops


Jester are a very new release of English hop at the time of writing this in 2015 they are only really available to home brewers with limited amounts going to commercial breweries.

They are a release from the Charles Faram Hop Breeding program. The purpose is to grow a hop in the UK with the bold, punchy and citrus flavours that are so predominant in the US and New World hops.

Jester is a registered trademark of Charles Faram.

Brewing Attributes

Jester hops were bred with the intention of replicating some of the aroma of the US “Big C” hops. Used as an aroma hop the predominant flavours are grapefruit and tropical fruits such as lychees. The are also some reports of peppery notes and subtle onion aroma. Jester is definitely a unique hop and has a flavour profile all of it’s own.

As a bittering hop it is said to add a complex bitterness. Whether that’s a good thing or not I cannot decide. That being said there is such limited availability at the moment you may be best to select a slightly more accessible hop for bittering and keep the Jester as a late hop.

Possible Substitutions

Jester is a really unique hop, however it’s whole purpose is to bring some of the flavours of bg, punchy new world hops to the UK. If you are brewing a big hoppy IPA you can substitute in some of the American hops so closely associated to the style. Otherwise there are no real substitutes at present.