Magnum Hops

Hop Variety

Magnum, Hallertauer



Alpha Acid %

11 – 16%

Beta Acid %

5 – 7%


Hallertauer Magnum or Magnum as it’s most commonly referred to as is a hop released in 1993 by the Hop Research Institute in the Hallertauer region. It’s parentage contains hops such as Galena from the US and a German male variety. Magnum is grown at number of locations such as the Hallertauer region of Germany, France, Poland and in the US.

It is the main high alpha variety of hop grown in Germany and is well renowned throughout the world for is clean bittering qualities as well as storing well after harvesting.

Brewing Attributes

Magnum is one of the finest bittering hops available to today’s brewer. Being of a reasonably high alpha acid content it’s economical but more than that the bittering quality is very clean, pleasant and works well in conjunction with other hops.

Magnum is primarily a bittering hop and therefore not much is said about the aroma. If it is used later in the boil is contributes a delicate floral note to the beer. That said other varieties of hop from the region like saaz or hallertauer mittelfrueh are so good for aroma additions Magnum is best left to early kettle additions and bittering duties.

Possible Substitutions

A lot of sources state Northern Brewer and Warrior as a substitute for Magnum primarily for their clean bittering qualities. Galena one of the parent hops of Magnum might also be worth considering.

Commercial Examples

Sierra Nevada reportedly use Magnum hops as the sole bittering hop and also as the aroma hops in their Torpedo Extra IPA along with Citra and Crystal as the other two aroma hops.

Mikkeller also brew a single hop IPA that uses solely Magnum hops, although difficult to obtain it is well worth looking for this hop bomb.