Hop Variety




Alpha Acid %

8.5 – 13.5%

Beta Acid %

4.0 – 5.7%


Target are another variety of hop bred by the Hop Research program at Wye College and was released in 1972. A cross between Northern Brewer and East Kent Goldings, they are the most widely grown variety of hop in the UK and make up more than half the market in production.

The high alpha acid content for an English variety of hop make it a popular and economic choice to provide bitterness in English style beers.

Brewing Attributes

Target hops are primarily a bittering variety used in a diverse variety of beer styles. Used later in the boil they are said to provide a harsh aroma although they have been highlighted for the desirable attributes they provide as a dry hop.

The traits they bring as a late or dry hop reflect that of other earthy English varieties but also those of sage, liquorice and hints of marmalade.

One of the most notable uses of target is in the flagship beer brewed by Fullers Brewery. London Pride has a bittering addition of Target along with other additions of Challenger and Northdown as aroma hops.

Possible Substitutions

The primary use of Target as a bittering hop means that finding a substitution to bitter your beer with shouldn’t be too much of an issue. The only possible aroma substitutes would be an English variety such as Fuggles or the US Willamette